Our Vision
Danadis creates high-quality women’s fashions for luxury boutique stores. Made using only the finest natural fabrics and synthetic blends available, our subtle design concepts appeal to fashionable women who seek to impress the crowd, not merely follow it. Original designs emerge from rough sketches that are then developed through every detailed phase of the garment adjustment process. The process culminates in exceptional ready-to-wear clothing as lasting as it is feminine. Danadis is dedicated to providing today's woman of taste with a wide variety of exquisite business, special occasion and casual clothing options. In addition to our unique designs, we pride ourselves on personalized service, fast turnaround and thorough follow up.

Our Fabrics
Natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk and wool are staples of the Danadis lines. The soft look and easy flow of garments rendered from these delicate-looking yet durable materials embody the spirit of the modern woman—radiant, free and beautiful. The finest English wool is used to balance and augment these softer traits with stunning, form-fitting slacks and skirts for all occasions. Likewise, leather and suede allow for varied, stylish looks in deep earthy colors. T/R, a high-quality, soft wool-like synthetic made from a blend of rayon and tencel, rounds out the line of materials at our disposal and puts lightweight, wrinkle-free, high fashion within reach for all.

Our Prints
Our ability to produce custom designs and prints for our blouses and dresses under one roof is unsurpassed. Whether developing light floral patterns for delicates like silk, or embroidering with leather to give texture to heavier materials, Danadis focuses on the interplay, however subtle or grand, of the pattern and the material. Rather than merely cutting and sewing only pre-colored fabrics, we specialize in a comprehensive array of finishing techniques, including screen printing, silk screening, transfer printing, heat-transfer beading, embroidery and piece-dyeing.